Mickey Sushi Art Roll Bento ミッキーのキャラ弁・飾り巻き寿司作り方

Did you also have a public holiday yesterday? Hope you had a good rest. 

Here is the first bento for May! A sushi art roll to mark brand new start of the month, this time the character is Mickey Mouse! I hope you like this Mickey Mouse Sushi Art Roll Bento! Sushi art roll, known as kazarimaki-sushi in Japanese is a way of making sushi with designs. 

I was certified in Tokyo as an instructor with the Japan Sushi Instructor Association, which some of you might know if you have been following my blog. Sushi art rolls are really fun to make! It is also a creative challenge and rewarding learning process especially when it comes to making your own designs.
Frankly I think today's sushi art roll could be improved, I now know what I will do the next time to make the outline of Mickey's head more defined. Anyway, I hope you will still like it! 

Nonetheless, I still took some step by step pictures for you to take a look at how the sushi roll is created :)

The side dishes for today's bento include ketchup sauteed chicken with mushrooms and hard pressed tofu squares, garlic stir fry asparagus, lettuce, some Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse sausages (cute right? heh). 

Step by Step Guide for Mickey Mouse Sushi Art Roll (Kazarimaki sushi)

5 seaweed sheets (19cm x 9.5cm)
sushi rice
ground black sesame

1) Weigh 100g sushi rice and add in 20g ground black sesame. Mix well.
2) Divide 1 seaweed sheet into half.
3) Weigh 30g of black sushi rice from step 1. Make two rolls using two pieces of the seaweed.This is for Mickey's ears.
4) Divide 1 seaweed sheet into thirds.
5) Weigh 20g and 25g of sushi rice. Make 2 rolls using two 1/3 pieces of seaweed. Cut the two rolls into halves.
6) On 2/3 seaweed sheet, place the halves (larger ones inside, small rolls on the outer flanks). 
7) Weigh another 60g of sushi rice, place on top of the half-rolls and roll up the sushi. This forms the face of Mickey. 

8) Join 1 seaweed sheet and 1/2 seaweed sheet today. Use some rice to join them together.
9) Weigh 130g of white rice and spread the rice to form a even layer, leaving about 6cm on one end. 
10) Place another 30g of white rice in a tube like manner at the centre. Place the two black sushi rolls on each side. 
11) Add the remaining black sushi rice on the top, spreading it to cover the top of the centre and the two black sushi rolls. 
12) Place the mickey face of white sushi rice. 
13) Roll up the sushi, use extra to fill in the gap before completely sealing up the sushi. 
14) Divide the sushi roll into 4 pieces. Add the features of Mickey *eyes, nose, mouth using seaweed. 

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  1. 好可爱的米奇!!谢谢你详细的步骤分享!

  2. Your bento are amazing! I am seriously inspired.

    I just started a bento blog with an emphasis on clean, healthy eating and creative combinations. I'm based in CA and would love if you'd check out some of my posts!


  3. So adorable, thank you for sharing. :)


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