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Japan Children's Day Bento (Kodomo no Hi) 子供の日のお弁当

It is interesting how through bento making, one learns more about festivals and cultures, and not just from your own country but also from other places. 

5 May is the Children's Day in Japan, known as Kodomo no Hi in Japanese. It is an annual national holiday, and also forms part of the Golden week long holiday for the Japanese. The symbols of carp streamer, Kintaro (金太郎) and Kabuto (Japanese military helmet) points to a healthy and strong child. :) 

This date originally was called Tango no Sekku, known as Boy's Day. It was later renamed Kodomo no Hi and is celebrated for all children. 

I hope you like this Children's Day Bento for Japan Kodomo no Hi. 

The ingredients for the characters were:
Carp fish (rice, tamagoyaki egg finely diced, crabstick, seaweed)
Kintaro boy (rice, donburi sauce, seaweed)

The Kabuto helmet was folded from wax paper. 

The side dishes were baked salmon and shiitake mushrooms with truffle oil, sauteed broccoli with beancurd skin, tamagoyaki and lettuce. 

①こいのぼり (飯、卵焼き、かにかまぼこ、海苔)
③かぶとの飾り (ワックスペーパー)


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