My Melody Valentine Bento マイメロディのバレンタインキャラベン

My Melody Valentine Bento
Today's bento is so pink and full of hearts! ♥(*´。`*)

Hehheh. It is My Melody Bento and Simple Heart Shape Sushi Art Roll. Even the kamaboko is heart shape. :P heh

It has been some time since I made a Melody Bento. So I hope you will like it! The side dishes were scrambled eggs (leftovers :P) stir-fry soy lotus root with carrots, crabmeat, cherry tomato, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce and heart shape kamaboko. 



My Melody Valentine Bento
Been thinking about my January classes, after receiving numerous queries and requests. 

Instead of a CNY bento, I supposed a Valentines theme will be timely and nice. 

The side dishes will probably vary in the final class, but I am thinking that Melody and heart sushi could be a nice combination. What do you think? :D

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