Bunny & Little Chick Easter Bento うさぎちゃんとひよこちゃんの復活祭キャラ弁

Today I made a Bunny & Little Chick Easter Egg Bento! 

Hehe, can you spot the ‘easter egg’ rice ball in this bento? hmm... does the little chick look like a baby ducky? OOps :P

The ingredients for the characters were
Bunny (mashed potato, pink icing coloring, seaweed)
Little Chick (mashed potato, yellow and red icing coloring, seaweed)
Easter Egg (rice, pink sushi mix, flower furikake chips)

The bento side dishes were mapo tofu, sweet peas, cucumber, edamame beans and lettuce.



Bunny and Little Chick characters in this bento were made from mashed potato. 

Some of you who follow my blog would know that I have made several mashed potato kyarabens. 

It is a fun food ingredient as it almost feels like playing with dough that can be easily moulded into the different shapes for your characters. In addition, mashed potato is very forgiving, if you make a mistake or accidentally make a fingernail mark, just smoothen it out and re-shape it as you work.
Tips for using mashed potato for your character bento
- Dice up with mashed potato and steam it. The dicing helps it to cook faster. 
- Ensure that the potato mash is smooth without chunks of potatoes (I usually use a potato masher to help me).
- Use gel or icing food colors when adding colors, this avoids adding too much moisture into your potato mash, making it hard to handle later on.
- Use toothpick to add your icing food colors, little by little each time, so that you do not ‘over color’ the potato mash.
Wash your hand in between making and rolling the potato shapes, this prevents the potato mash from sticking to your hands and also prevents the transfer of the different colors
This is probably my last Easter bento lunch for this year. Since tomorrow is a public holiday here in Singapore, I want to rest a little and take a bento break ;) I will be attending yet another cooking lesson tomorrow, so excited and look forward to share more with you. 

Have a great week and weekend ahead!

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Sesame Street Bento セサミストリートのキャラ弁

This is my first Sesame Street Bento! We have Elmo and Cookie Monster in today's bento :)

Oh my...after some 3 years of making bento, I can't believe I never got around making any of the Sesame Street characters in my bento. Heh. 

Elmo and Cookie Monster characters were layered on a french toast sandwich. The bento sides included baked honey glazed chicken wings, blanched sweet peas, sauteed pumpkin with mushrooms and some lettuce. 

I also included a simple tutorial guide in this post on the making of the layered cut-outs characters. Have fun!



Tutorial Guide for Elmo and Cookie Monster Bento

-thin egg sheets (red and blue)
-bbq sauce/dark soy sauce

-baking paper/parchment paper
-small knife (i used my ACTO knife here)
Tip: the use of baking paper/parchment paper is helpful as it will not stick to the egg sheet, so you can easily peel it off after cutting out the egg parts.

- Prepare the thin eg sheets required
- Make a drawing you want on a sheet of paper. Place the baking paper and trace it. In order for a more layered look, you will need to create duplicates and layers for the characters. 
- Cut the baking paper of the traced portions. 
- Lay it over your thin egg sheet. Use a small sharp knife to cut the parts out. 
- Assemble the layers together. 
- Add the facial features. Over here I used seaweed for the eyes and mouth. Hanpen for the eyes. Carrot for Elmo's nose. Hanpen (dipped with some bbq sauce and dark soy sauce) for the cookies. 

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Sanrio Noodles Bento サンリオのキャラ弁

A Sanrio theme bento today! Featuring Keroppi, My Melody and Purin characters!

Instead of my usual rice bento, I made myself a noodles bento for lunch. Happy that I finally got to cook these lovely colored Japanese noodles that I bought at the Okinawa Fair held earlier at Mediya Supermarket, Liang Court mall. 

These colourful noodles were actually purple sweet potato (pink), turmeric (yellow), and bittergourd (green) flavours. I was initially quite worried that the bittergourd noodles will taste bitter, thankfully it was not, phew! :P

I first saw noodle foodart on cookpad recipe some years back, where the Japanese made these super cute totoro designs using soba noodles. Ever since, I have been wanted to make my own noodle food art creations, though I have not made that many (Opps) :P

I decided to do a slight spin off and pack the noodles in my bento box instead. While these were not soba noodles, but instead were thin udon noodles, they still worked well in the creation of the cute characters. Simply pack the bento with some dipping sauce and you are ready to have this for your meal!

The side dishes were baked chicken wings with bbq sauce and honey, sautéed asparagus, cucumber, lettuce and the last pieces of my white strawberries. 

The ingredients for the characters were:
- Keroppi (bittergourd udon noodles, seaweed, hanpen, ham)
- My Melody (purple sweet potato udon noodles, hanpen, seaweed, ham, and just a tiny bit of the turmeric udon noodles for the nose)
- Purin, also known as Pudding Dog (turmeric udon noodles, seaweed, grilled shiitake mushroom)

So many people kept asking me about the white strawberries...

These Japanese white strawberries are actually hybrids of strawberries and pineapples. Its full name in Japanese "初恋の香り, 白いちご" (hatsu koi no kaori, shiro ichigo), literally means "the fragrance of first love, white strawberry" in English. These strawberries are also known as pineberries in some other countries. 

I bought these shiro ichigo (white strawberries) air flown from Japan via Kuriya Fish Market at Rakuten SG. They are definitely pricey but I wanted to try them. 

In terms of taste, it is has the familiar strawberry flavour with a very subtle pineapple fragrance. It is also slightly softer in texture compared to the usual korean strawberries.




- けろけろけろっぴ(ゴーヤうどん、のり、はんぺん、ハム) 
- マイメロディ(紫芋うどん、はんぺん、のり、ハム)
- プリン(ウコンうどん、のり、椎茸)

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Bunny Egg Sheet Bento うさぎちゃんのキャラ弁・ポルカドットの薄焼き卵を作り方

Good morning everyone! Hope you are having a great brand new start to the week. I wanted to make a cheerful bento to start the week ^ ^

A bunny bento today, where little bunny is looking out the window and enjoying the wonderful sun and flowers! I hope this bento will help chase the Monday blues away, plus it is also quite timely for the coming Easter day.

The ingredients for the character portion included:
Bunny (rice, pink sushi mix, hanpen, seaweed)
Window (thin egg sheet, ham)
Flower and ledge (ham, edamame beans, flower furikake chips)

The side dishes for this bunny bento were baked salmon, ketchup prawns, sautéed garlic shiitake mushrooms, stir fry broccoli, lettuce,  baked pumpkin, edamame beans and red currant berries. 





The egg sheet with cute small flower pattern was created by frying a thin egg sheet with the yolks and whites separately and make use of a cutter.

I thought I will re-share my earlier recipe post to make polka dot pattern egg sheet. Frankly I think the polka dot patterned looked better as the flower cut outs were not as defined. Perhaps next time I will try heart shape!


RECIPE for Cute Polka Dot Egg Sheet for Bento

*Recommend to use a good quality non-stick fry pan. This is to enable you to evenly cook the egg sheet and the egg sheet will also be easily removed.
*I used round cutters here but really, you can create any patterns you desire with other shape of cutters.
Eggs 2 (yolks and whites separated)
1. Oil the pan and pour in the egg yolk mixture. (do not turn on the heat or gas yet). Spread the egg mixture evenly in a circular fashion.
*You can use a tamagoyaki rectangular pan instead too. It works the same.
2. Cover the pan with a lid and turn on the heat.
3. Cook the egg at low heat. At high heat, it causes bubbles and you would not able to achieve a smooth egg sheet.
4. Cook until the sides are cooked. Turn off the heat, remove the pan from heat. Let the egg sheet sit in the pan for about 30 seconds. *This is to use the remaining heat to cook the egg sheet thoroughly without causing burns or bubbles in the egg sheet.
5. You should have a nice smooth egg sheet.
6. Transfer the egg sheet on to your worktop or chopping board.
7. Using a cutter (any shape as you desire), stamp and cut out the pattern.
8. Place the egg sheet back to your fry pan with the 'nice' side facing up. Gently and slowly scoop in the egg white into the cut out areas. (do not turn up the heat yet).
9. Once all the cut out areas are filled with the egg white, cover the pan with a lid and cook at low heat again.
10. Once the egg white are cooked, your patterned egg sheet is ready! :)
11. The last thing is to pack this into your bento box! Have fun :)
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Modern Vintage Cupcakes at Shermay's Cooking School

So excited to share these beautiful cupcakes that I decorated with you! 

Super thrilled to have attended my friend Chef Jackie's Modern Vintage Cupcakes class at Shermay's Cooking School.  Hands on class where we all learnt to make 6 different cupcake designs. It was so enjoyable!

For me, the best thing about cooking, aside from the creative process and is that I love the learning process;be it from attended classes or my own kitchen experiences. ^ ^

Some of the many things (and reminders) I picked up in class included:
- Difference between fondant and gumpaste. More 3D sugarcrafts work better with gumpaste as compared to fondant.
- Importance of keeping work station clean and fingernails short. All these sugar materials catch on dust and lint very easily. 
- Adding sugar modelling gum to fondant if it is too soft. As the clay is a type of chemical, will need some time for it to set up before working on the fondant again. (dont worry, the fondant is still edible and safe to eat)
- Baking cupcakes: should it be level, lower or higher? For a flushed design like these, Chef Jackie recommends to bake the cupcakes with a higher round top, then using a knife to flush it flat. (plus you can eat the extra cake too :P)
- There are printers here in Singapore that will take orders for edible icing sheets! Gosh, how exciting!
I simply love all the designs. They are all so so sweet. A friend of mine saw my photos and commented that the cupcakes reminded her of Cath Kidston. Quite true!

Also, it was fun that I got to try out edible icing sheets for the first time. I have never seen them sold in stores here but have seen them used by some US bakers online. 

Plus I got to play around with gumpaste and fondant to make sugar crafts for the cupcake decorations. Woo hoo!
I have got to try out the earl grey cupcakes recipe again! I am not a earl grey fan (as in I dont drink the tea), but the cupcakes, were seriously yummy! We had some extras for tasting (lucky), and even paired the cakes with jasmine tea jam, nom nom~~

Check out some of the shots I took in class :) First we created a flat top for the cupcakes, then we layered on some fondant. And work on the designs using fondant, gumpaste and edible icing sheets. 
Shermay's Cooking School
Chip Bee Gardens (Holland Village),
Blk 43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-76, Singapore 278115

Phone No: 6479 8442 / 6479 8414
Opening Hours: 10.00am - 08.30pm (Mon - Sun) 
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ShermaysCkgSch

Blog Post Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Blogger paid for her own class at Shermay's Cooking School. 


Recipe for Cute Chick Japanese Curry Bread 自家製カレーパン「レシピ」可愛いトリさん

I am so happy to share with you this fun and cute Chick Japanese Curry Bun and the recipe :)

This bread bun recipe is definitely a keeper! I love the homemade curry filling too as it was really yummy! 

Also timely since Easter is just around the corner :) heh. 

Do note that this bread is on the sweet side, similar to the bread buns found at Japanese bakeries. The curry filling uses Japanese curry powder so if you are a fan of Japanese curry, you will enjoy this bread bun!

My colleagues gave thumbs up to this curry bun and commented that the homemade curry bread filling was yummy :) yay~~
My hubby is a fan of the curry bread buns found at Japanese bakeries and I had wanted to try to make too. Unlike the usual fried curry donut style, this homemade curry bun is with soft butter bun on the outside. Nom nom :)

Recipe for Homemade Curry Filling for Bread (for 8-9 buns)

chicken /or pork meat (diced) 100g
medium large size potato 1/2 (diced)
medium size onion 1/4 (diced)
japanese curry cubes 34g
fresh shiitake mushroom 2pcs (diced)
butter 21g 
flour 21g
water approx 400ml
sesame oil

1) In a deep non-stick pan, heat some sesame oil. Fry the onion followed by potato until onion is cooked and lightly brown. Add in about 200ml of water and simmer. 
2) In another non stick pan, heat some sesame oil and sauteed the chicken and mushrooms until cooked through. Add it to the potato/onion in step 1. Continue to simmer for about 8 mins. 
3) Add in the curry cubes and mix well until incorporated. Add in water to adjust the consistency. It should be thick but not gooey at this point. Then continue to simmer for about 5mins to reduce the moisture.
*Tip: You will need to add some water if you find that the mixture is too thick. I added about 200ml here. 
4) Using the same pan from step 2 (so you don't have to wash), melt the butter and add in the flour, keep stirring quickly and you will have a gooey flour mixture. Add it to the the curry mixture. 
5) Keep stirring and cooking until you have a thick gooey consistency. 
6) Remove from heat and set aside to cool. 

Recipe for Chick Japanese Curry Bun (makes 8)

bread flour 200g
plain flour 50g
instant baking yeast 1tsp
curry powder 1tsp
warm water (about 40C) 
1 medium size egg (about 58g)
sugar 3tbsp
unsalted butter 20g
salt 1/2 tsp

homemade curry filling (about 400g)


1) Measure and sieve the bread flour, plain flour, milk powder into a large mixing bowl. Measure and add in the sugar, salt and instant dry yeast. 
2) Beat the egg and pour the egg mixture into the 120ml warm water using a sieve. Measure out about 130~135ml of the diluted egg mixture and add into the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients. 
3) Add in the soften unsalted butter and knead the dough until you have a smooth elastic dough. Form a ball and let it rest in the mixing bowl. Cover and wait 55mins for the first rise. 
4) The dough should double in size. Do the dough test. 
5) Punch out the air and divide into 8 equal parts, shape them into small balls and cover with a damp cloth. Set aside for 10mins (2nd rise). 
6) Flatten and Roll out one ball of dough, try to ensure that the surface away from you is smooth as this is the 'front' of the final bread bun.  
7) Scoop one spoonful of homemade curry filling onto the centre. Wrap and seal the bread bun. 

8) Add carrot slices and mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. 
*Tip: Press the carrot slices and chocolate chips slightly into the bread bun, as the bread bun will rise when it bakes, it might pop out if you do not do this. 
8) Glaze the bread bun with the remaining egg mixture from Step (2).
9) Bake the bread in the oven at 180C for about 15mins until nicely brown.

10) Let it cool and draw on the chick's feet using some melted chocolate.

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